business strategies for web designers


Learn my best tips on how to launch a thriving freelance web design business that attracts ideal clients and help you achieve the financial freedom you dream of.

  • Avoid common mistakes new web designers make
  • Feel confident about your talent, offers and pricing
  • Run your business on autopilot 
  • Say NO to spending most of your days managing social media accounts to grow your business
  • Attract and retain clients you love working with

Business Strategies
for Web Designers

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When it comes to running a web design business, you can't afford to throw darts in the dark and hope they'll stick. 


Hi, I'm Licia. I've been a web designer + front-end developer for over 18 years, and I also mentor freelance web designers who don't want to sell their soul to make an impact and generate revenue.

I'm all about simplifying your digital life and creating simple actionable content to help you expand your business, no matter if you're new to web design or you've been building the web for a while. 

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Licia Dantas - Web Designer Mentor